resemble [r?'zemb(?)l] 

v. 与…相似;像


Are shackle-inspired ankle bracelets the next trend? As headlines trumpet a potential Trump impeachment and prison time for stars charged in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal, Gucci is coming under fire for showing a leather ankle bracelet that some on social media have criticized for resembling an electronic ankle monitor (used as an alternative to incarceration) as part of its spring-summer 2020 presentation in Milan.

Others have pointed out that the anklet appears to bear gold bullets, which in fact are Gucci Beauty lipsticks, also shown on arm cuffs of a similar design during the catwalk show.

“When did it become fashionable to make an ankle monitor a fashion accessory? Asking for a friend,” said one Twitter user.

Another said, “Y’all can’t be serious?!! Y’all really out here making ankle monitors now?!!”

A third user said, “What do you think of Alessandro_Michele new @gucci pointed toe flats with ankle holster to hold your lipsticks??? Some of [sic] said it resembles a prison ankle tag however personally I think it may come in useful…”

The Italian luxury fashion house, helmed by creative director Alessandro Michele, was also criticized for its spring-summer 2020 presentation that kicked off with models wearing straitjackets, not intended to be sold in stores, according to the brand. 

A statement from Gucci said the concept was to show “blank-styled clothes” as representative of “the most extreme version of a uniform, dictated by society and those who control it.”



resemble [r?'zemb(?)l] 

v. 与…相似;像

Physically, you resemble him very much.

He suddenly felling himself resemble an executioner.