You cannot find or will you ever find gold on the surface. It has to be discovered and has to be found deep inside the Earth's ground. And it takes years to find the gold and this is why it is so valuable; Not everyone has it.

Character is the same. You will not find character on the surface. You can only find character deep inside your soul. And your character is only discovered when there is chaos. Your character is never tested when things are going your way.

You have to dig deep inside of you to find the character and when you do that you will discover the true gold.

You are consistently remembered on how you treat others. Are you kind or unkind? Do you have manners? Are you respectful? These are the questions we ask each other.

This is why your character is your gold mine. You must guard your character just like you would guard your gold. Do not let anyone take it or destroy it.

People will test you in life and events in life will shake you. However, when this happens please look deep inside and find your character because your character will help you succeed any event.

Your character is your gold.